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Today: February 28, 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions
Domain Auction


How to Become a Buyer?

  • If you have no service agreement with RU-CENTER, you should fill out a form and receive the contract number. Service Agreement Conclusion Procedure

  • Put a deposit for auction participation for each domain name.

    The amount of the deposit is $59 (tax included).
    The procedure of recharging the personal account is described on RU-CENTER web-server in Prices and Payments section.
  • Generate (on web-server a bidding request to participate in a domain name auction.

    The request may be sent via:
    • section "My Auctions" ("Domain Auction: Buyer Profile" - "Enter Auction for new domain"), or
    • section "Buy domain name" ("Buy a domain at auction"), or
    • home page of web-server.

After the above actions have been done, your bid specified in the bidding request will be registered in the domain auction and you will be duly notified thereof by e-mail.

How does the Proxy bidding work?

Proxy bidding increases your bid automatically during the auction. The bid is increased with a minimum possible bid increment and if only your bid is not the Best bid.

In order to put the Proxy bidding into action you will have to enter the Maximum bid value you are ready to offer for a domain.

The Maximum bid shall be placed during bidding request generation.

During the auction it can be changed (increased or decreased), or placed (if it was not placed at the moment of generating the bidding request) in section "My Auctions" ("Domain Auction: Buyer Profile" - "Auctions: Active"). You can disable the Proxy bidding by indicating "0" value in the Maximum bid field or leaving it blank.

Please note: you cannot cancel the bids which have been already made by the Proxy bidding.

How to change a bid and Maximum bid?

The following actions are to be taken to change the bid or Maximum bid:

  • log in to section "My Auctions" on web-server;

  • in menu "My Auctions" select item "Domain Auction: Buyer Profile" - "Auctions: Active";

  • find the required domain in the list of active auctions and click on the domain name;

  • change the bid and/or Maximum bid by entering the required bid value into a field with corresponding name and click on "Place a Bid".

The bid shall not exceed the Best bid for a value more than the bid increment. The bid increment ranges from 20 to 50 conventional money units. If a Blitz price is published in the auction, it is allowed to place the bid at the value equal to the Blitz price.

Please note: the bid can be changed if only your bid is not the Best bid at the current moment.

How to Withdraw from Auction?

You may withdraw only in auction progress, if your bid is not the Best or the Second Bid. The following steps are to be taken to withdraw from the auction:

  • log in to section "My Auctions" on web-server;

  • select menu item "Domain Auction: Buyer Profile" - "Auctions: Active";

  • find the required domain in the list of bids on active auctions and click on the domain name;

  • click on "Withdraw from Auction".

How will I know that my bid at the auction is outbidden?

The following actions are to be taken to make sure that your bid is the Best bid:

  • log in to section "My Auctions" on web-server;

  • select menu item "Domain Auction: Buyer Profile" - "Auctions: Active";

  • find the domain in the list and check the bid status.

Please note: The auction closing moment is determined to the exact minute. Keep track of the auction status and wait until "Auction closing" message appears.

How will I know that I have been declared the auction Winner?

Upon closing of the auction RU-CENTER will notify you by e-mail about the auction results. You may also view the results at: "My Auctions" - "Domain Auctions: Buyer Profile" - " Auction: Auction archive".

How is the Winner selected?

A bidder who placed a maximum bid will be declared the Auction Winner. If, in the final run, bids of two Buyers are equal, priority is given to a Buyer whose bid in the auction had been registered first. You need to take into account the following: if a Blitz-price had been declared in the auction, then the domain auction will is immediately close as soon as a bidder has placed a bid equal to the Blitz-price.

Should the Auction Winner fail to fulfil payment obligations, the domain name purchase right is transferred to the Buyer who offered the Second Bid. In this case the latter shall become the auction Winner.

So, I am the auction Winner. May I refuse from the domain purchase?

The auction Winner may refuse from paying for the domain, but in this case the deposit will be withdrawn from the Winner's Personal account in favor of the Organizer as a fee for his expenses for holding the auction.

So, I failed to become a Winner. How can my deposit be used upon auction closing?

If you failed in winning our auction, the deposit on your personal account will be released and may be used as payment for other services.

So, I am declared the auction Winner. How can I pay for the domain?

You may pay for the domain in one of the following ways (the payment is made net of deposit):

  • against the invoice:

    • by bank transfer;

    • by cash in RU-CENTER office.

  • from your personal account.
    In the last case you shall have enough funds on your personal account and agree to withdraw them to pay for the domain. You may grant your consent to pay the bill in section "My auctions" (

All prices are given in conventional units (CU). Ruble equivalent of a conventional unit corresponds to that of 1 (one) US dollar set by the Central Bank of Russian Federation for the auction closing date. Dollar equivalent of a conventional unit equals to 1 (one) US dollar.
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