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Today: July 16, 2024
Moscow time: 17:58:08
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Plan 3000 $50 000  
Plan 2000 $33 333,33  
Plan 1000 $16 666,67  
Plan 750 $12 500  
Plan 500 $8 333,33  
Plan 300 $5 833,33  
Plan 170 $2 833,33  
Plan 100 $1 515  
Plan 50 $983,33  
Plan 30 $585,33  
Plan 15 $265  
Plan 10 $181,67  
Plan 5 $98,33  
Plan 3 $65  
Plan 1 $31,67  
Plan Basic $10  

Within 30 days prior to the domain deletion you can make an order according to any available plan.

If an order for the domain has been prepaid, only higher-priced plans remain available. Furthermore, on the day of the domain deletion the plans become unavailable by turn.

For example:

  • — Plan 3000 is not available after 12.15 p.m. (MSK);
  • — Plan 300 is not available after 13.30 p.m. (MSK), etc.;
  • — Basic plan is available till 4.30 p.m. (MSK) on the day of the domain deletion from the Registry.

A paid order will become activated, if higher-priced plans are unavailable.


RU-CENTER gives no guarantee that the client will get a domain registration, but undertakes to fulfill all-out steps to help in registration of the backordered domain for the client, whose order was activated.

Registered domains become available in the "Manage your account" panel — "My Domains" 4 hours upon initiation of the domain deletion from the Registry.

If an order cannot be executed the allocated funds will be released.

The service is delivered as:

All prices are given in conventional units (CU). Ruble equivalent of a conventional unit corresponds to that of 1 (one) US dollar set by the Central Bank of Russian Federation for the auction closing date. Dollar equivalent of a conventional unit equals to 1 (one) US dollar.
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